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Уважаемые игроки, сейчас содержание проекта осуществляется на собственном энтузиазме и средствах небольшой группы альтруистов. Если Вам нравится проект и Вы заинтересованы в его развитии, то у Вас есть возможность помочь сделать наш портал еще качественнее и интереснее.
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Gears is used in the creation of armored doors, which are much stronger than the doors made of sheet metal. They are difficult to find in large quantities and are one of the most must-have items in the means of game protectionǃ

How to get gears?

Gears can be found in containers.

Container type Quantity Chance
Crate 2 14%
Sunken Chest 2 14%
Бочка 2 1%

It can also be purchased in the vending machine for the price of 25 scrap per a gear.

How to Craft a Gear (Recipe)

In order to craft a gear, you need to learn the recipe first. To do this, you will require a research table, 250 units of scrap metal, and 1 gear as an example. You need the 3rd level workbench as well as {{#varːcraft_gears_metal_fragments}} metal fragments and 100 scrap metal to create a gear.

No tools are required
Requires Workbench
Requires FurnaceLarge Furnace

Processing items into gears

By using a recycler, you can replace unnecessary items with gears. A detailed table of the items you can use for processing can be found in the article "The table of items that can be processed into gears".

Gear recycling

After processing the gears, you can get 10 scrap metal and 13 metal fragments.

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