Incendiary Pistol Bullet

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Incendiary Pistol Bullet is used for a 9mm weapons. Has less speed than the "standard" 9mm cartridge. Accordingly, the distance of the flight is also less. Damage is reduced by about 40%. Chance of bullet ignition - about 9% (the test results). Inflict considerable damage to the wooden buildings.

How to craft Incendiary Pistol Bullet (Recipe)

You need to know the recipe to create Incendiary Pistol Bullet. It can be obtained randomly, by opening the blueprint book or studying it at the research table.

Incendiary Pistol Bullet.png
Incendiary Pistol Bullet.png 3x Incendiary Pistol Bullet
Sulfur.png 20 Sulfur
Wood.png 21 Wood
Cloth.png 0.25 Cloth
No tools are required
Requires Workbench
Requires FurnaceLarge Furnace

To create it you will need to perform the following steps: Initially, you need to get

  1. 25 sulfur ore, 10 Metal Ore, 0.75 animal fat, 0.25 cloth and 21 wood.
  2. Mined ore should be processed in the furnace or large furnace. The output should have 25 sulfur and 10 metal fragments. Also 30 units of charcoal will be quite useful.
  3. Next you will need to get 10 gun powder from 20 of sulfur and 30 of charcoal.
  4. The last necessary ingredient - 1 low grade fuel. It is done from the 0.25 cloth and 0.75 animal fat.
  5. From the resulting 10 metal fragments, 10 gun powder, the remaining 20 sulfur units and 1 fuel you can make 3 fire-pistol bullets at a time.

The process of crafting bullets themselves takes 10 seconds.

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