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Land Mine is a high-quality, ready to be uses explosive device. It is usually used against other players. A mine can easily kill any player, who stepped on it.

Important: mine explosion mechanism is triggered only after the the player will step away from it. As long as he does not do this step, the explosion will occur, and the player will be able to neutralize it and remain unscathed. A mine explosion has a certain affected area, so try to be as far away from the blast site as possible. The most important condition to be met, when installing a mine - is to ensure it is can`t be seen by other players. It is best to establish a mine in the grass or bushes. Grass under the mine will lay down, just keep this fact in mind.

Land Mine

How to make mine (Recipe)

To create a mine, it is necessary to know the recipe. It can be obtained randomly from the blueprint books or studied at the Research table.

Land Mine.png
Land Mine.png Land Mine
Charcoal.png 375 Charcoal
Sulfur.png 250 Sulfur
Wood.png 262.5 Wood
No tools are required
Requires Workbench
Requires FurnaceLarge Furnace

To create a mine, you need the this:

  1. Get 250 sulfur ore, 75 metal ore and 262.5 wood.
  2. Mined ore processed in the furnace or large furnace. The result should be: 75 metal fragments, 250 sulfur and 375 coal.
  3. coal and sulfur are mixed in the gunpowder, you get about 125 units of it.
  4. From these metal fragments and gunpowder we make a mine.

The process of creating the mine takes 30 seconds.


Mines are great in the base defense. Place mines so that they could not be seen, for example, in high grass or bushes.

How to defuse a mine

If you have time to notice that you are standing on a mine, ask a friend to neutralize it before it explodes. It is also possible to neutralize the mine by shooting it, and then it can be destroyed, just break it nowǃ

3D model

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