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Rock is a melee weapon and a tool, which each player has, when they first appear in the game or spawn after death. Usually after the acquisition of stone ax or pick, a stone is thrown away, because it is no longer needed. It is impossible to create. Stone is held with both hands and slowly strikes from top to bottom. In addition, the stone has a limited time of usage and may eventually come into disrepair.

Rock in hands
Rock in hands


As a tool

Stone is the most primitive tool in the game, but it is the stone that helps a player to collect his first resources. Resources extraction with stone is very slow, not only because of the slow strikes, but also because of the drop of a small amount of resources from a single hit.

As a Weapon

Stone has the properties of a blunt weapon (see "damage types"), the force of its attack is low. Since the 687.80 version, a stone can be thrown with a right mouse button and so it gets the properties of projectile weapons. After the shot, you can pick up a stone.

As the raid tool

As with any other weapon, you can raid with the help of stones, but it has little effect, however. It is unlikely that with the stone in your hands, you can raid a wooden house or a house made of sheet metal, but the shed of branches will be quite a good target for you

A rock has the following damage to buildings:

Twig constructions - 2
Wooden constructions - 0.2
Stone constructions - 0.2
Metal constructions - 0.1
Armored constructions - 0.1


Update Log

  • [30.10.2015] [687.80] The rock damage is increased. Now the rock can be thrown.
  • DPS — Used as a metric in some games to allow the player to determine their offensive power.
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