Survey Charge

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Survey Charge It was introduced in the 64th Dev Blog with and oil pump as the part of a large renovation resource extraction system. The charge is used for that would determination of the resources amount the earth. It helps to determine where is the best place for the Quarry mining or pumping unit[1].

Since the 71th devblog some resources are more concentrated in certain areas. Good fields of metal are more common in Arctic and tundra biomes. Crude oil is more common in the desert.

How to craft a geological charge (Recipe)

To create a charge it is necessary to know the recipe. It can be obtained by opening a Blueprint Page or explored using Research table.

To create it, you will need to have 5 cloth 10 metal fragments, 20 fuel of poor quality and 30 gunpowder. Creation process takes 30 seconds.


Move the charge on the "shortcuts" panel, take it in hand and throw like a grenade. After the explosion there will be a certain amount of resources on the ground. The more resources, the richer is the field.

Update Log

  • [06/12/2015] Geological charge is added to the game.
  • The pumping unit is temporarily removed from the game in the 87 Dev Blog.
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