Wooden Floor Spikes

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Wooden Floor Spikes is quite an effective trap. Especially useful for the defense of home from Raiders. It is not in the basic knowledge of the player, so firstly you will have to find a drawing. It is recommended to place spikes in the bushes near the house. Spikes are difficult to notice in the bushes, plus, the enemy will not be able to hide behind them and will always be in sight. As soon as the player touches the trap, it begins to inflict damage, about 3 units per second. The spikes are very likely to impose a bleeding effect.

How to craft wooden spikes (Recipe)

The recipe can be found in blueprint fragments or studied at the Research table.

Wooden Floor Spikes.png
Wooden Floor Spikes.png Wooden Floor Spikes
Wood.png 300 Wood
No tools are required
Requires Workbench
Requires FurnaceLarge Furnace

To create a wooden spikes, you will need only 300 Wood units and nothing else. The process of creating it takes 3 minutes.


Move spikes to the Binding-panel. Select a location for the installation and take the object as soon as its silhouette changes the color from red to blue, set it.

At this point, the spikes can be placed only on the ground, that is, they can not be put on the artificial surfaces, such as foundation.

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