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A minicopter (a helicopter) was introduced in the February update (on February 7, 2019). It can be used by 2 players simultaneouslyː a pilot and a passenger. The pilot's seat is closer to the engine, and the controller is right behind the passenger seat. The passenger, in contrast to the pilot, has the ability to look around and use weapons.

Like other vehicles, a helicopter requires low quality fuel. To run the Minicopter, you will need to pour fuel into a gas tank (located behind the pilot's seat). The tank contains a maximum of 500 units of fuel, which is enough for you to fly for 16 minutes 30 seconds. Both a pilot and a passenger can fill the gas tank (to do this, turn around, holding ALT).

The minicopter can be detected on the map with a usual 1 kilometer interval in-between respawns - just like with Balloons and Boats.

With the minicopter, a new reason to use anti-aircraft missiles and turrets has appeared on the radars. Turrets have become stronger and there are now more of these in some locations.

How it looks

A minicopter is created from a huge variety of different parts. Let's now look at them in more detail. The frame for the Minicopter used to be a boat trailer. Two seats are welded to the trailer for a comfortable flight of the crew. A tailfin is made of sheet metal (from the “Stop” road sign). Right behind the pilot you will find a red container labeled “Fuel” (written in white paint). The main and rear blades are made of thin sheet metal - perhaps the only material originally in the entire construction intended for flying.

Controlling a Minicopter

Make sure a helicopter’s tank is full. Sit in the pilot's seat and start the engine using the "W" key. There are no keys to turn off the engine, but if you press the spacebar, you will exit flight mode and the copter will turn off automatically.

  • W = Gas Pedal
  • S = Brake Pedal
  • A = Turn left
  • D = Turn right
  • Mouse control left / right = rotation
  • Mouse control up / down = Tilt
  • Sit down (Ctrl) = Control while on the ground

While the helicopter is on the ground, by holding down the

"Ctrl" key, you can activate the "ground driving" mode. This allows players to hide the car in the bushes or hangars built by players.

Minicopter characteristics:

Minicopter HP.jpg

As a pilot, you don’t have excuses for the mistakes you do. Despite 1000 HP units, it is extremely fragile and even light collisions with other objects can lead to the complete destruction and death of the pilot. However, those who are mastering the technique will gain a significant advantage over other players. The "health" (Durability) scale can be seen only by the players sitting in the chairs. The durability scale is just below the thirst scale (lower right corner). As you understand, it is a new feature of the interface.

If you do not maintain your Minicopter, its HP scale will eventually begin to decrease (the same will happen to a boat). So, in 4 hours, when the durability goes 0, the copter will turn into a large fireball (be aware of this and take some marshmallow with you). The blast of a helicopter can be heard everywhere on the map.

Console commands

On vanilla servers, the commands can be used by both administrators and moderators.

Minicopter.entity command

An administrator can summon a minicopter by using the spawn minicopter.entity command in the console, but some requirements must be met beforewards: This command will not work on RCON platforms, because the administrators will need to log in to the game server. When using the command, the administrator must be above ground. The administrator should stand against the wall or other features of the landscape.

If everything works correctly, you will see the following message: "spawned minicopter.entity [3426268362] at (111.0, 0.1, 124.9)"
"spawned minicopter.entity[3426268362] at (111.0, 0.1, 124.9)"

Minicopter.population command

The command determines the radius (in kilometers) of the helicopter’s spawn. The command takes values ​​from 0 and above. The default value is 1. A 0 value turns off the helicopter respawn on the map.

We don't recommend you to make the value very low, since this may affect an overall server performance. spawn minicopter.population [Value]
spawn minicopter.population [Value]

Minicopter.outsidedecayminutes command

The command sets the disintegration time of the minicopter (in minutes). The default is 240, (4 hours). minicopter.outsidedecayminutes [Value]
minicopter.outsidedecayminutes [Value]

The minicopter.serviceceiling command

The command limits the highest point a minicopter can reach (in meters). The default is 300. minicopter.serviceceiling [Value]
minicopter.serviceceiling [Value]

A 3D model

In-game 3D model of a Minicopter in Rust. 

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