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Loot — one of the terms in RPG and MMORPG in particular, which describes some in-game goodies, which are get after killing the mobs or another players. (original link:

The list of different loot is showed in this chapter. Loot can be divided into two categories: resources and items. The first, resources, are needed to be extracted, It may be ore, for example metal or sulfur. The ore is extracted with the help of a certain tool, like pick axe or with the usage of an entire mining quarry. However, firstly, you have to find an appropriate deposit with the help of survey charge. Also we may count animal fat and bone fragments as the resources, they can be acquaired only by killing mobs or other players. The second category includes the items of different kinds. The majority of items is done from the resources. For example, high quality metal can be acquaired just from the high quality metal ore, by processing it in furnace or large furnace.


Name Extraction
Wood Wood
Wood. Collected from trees and used in many crafting recipes. It's also needed to cook in camp-fires.
Tree and bars, which can be found.
Charcoal Charcoal
Charcoal from a fire.
WoodTransparent item.png
Stones Stones
Enriched stones or extraction using mining quarry.
Sulfur Ore Sulfur Ore
A rock containing sulfur. The sulfur can be extracted using a furnace.
Enriched stones or extraction using mining quarry.
Sulfur Sulfur
Sulfur OreTransparent item.png
Metal Ore Metal Ore
A rock containing some metal fragments. The sulfur can be extracted using a furnace.
Enriched stones or extraction using mining quarry.
Metal Fragments Metal Fragments
Metal Fragments. Smelted from Metal Ore, used in lots of different crafting recipes.
Metal OreTransparent item.png
Empty Can Of BeansTransparent item.png
Empty Tuna CanTransparent item.png
High Quality Metal Ore High Quality Metal Ore
A rock containing High Quality Metal. Can be extracted by smelting ore in a furnace.
Enriched stones or extraction using mining quarry.
High Quality Metal High Quality Metal
High quality metal suitable for armor and weapons building creation.
High Quality Metal OreTransparent item.png
Crude Oil Crude Oil
Crude Oil out of the ground, must be refined in a refinery before the further usage.
Extraction with the help of the oil pump.
Animal Fat Animal Fat
Fat from an animal.
Animals, players
Cloth Cloth
Cloth from an animal or a Hemp Bush. Used in many clothing items, weapons, and more.
Animals or Hemp Bush
Leather Leather
Leather from an animal. Used in many clothing items, weapons, and more.
Human Skull Human Skull
A human skull.
Wolf Skull Wolf Skull
A wolf skull.
Bone Fragments Bone Fragments
Extracted from animal carcass. Used as a raw material to make a bone blade, a bone awl, bone meal, or used to make glue.
Animals, players,
Wolf SkullTransparent item.png
Human SkullTransparent item.png
Low Grade Fuel Low Grade Fuel
Low Grade Fuel, used to power light sources.
ClothTransparent item.png
Animal FatTransparent item.png
Gun Powder Gun Powder
Made from Sulphur and Charcoal.
CharcoalTransparent item.png
SulfurTransparent item.png
Explosives Explosives
Explosives, a component of C4.
SulfurTransparent item.png
Metal FragmentsTransparent item.png
Low Grade FuelTransparent item.png
Gun PowderTransparent item.png
Scrap Scrap
A pile of random unidentified junk. This can be used in a research bench to create components.
CCTV Camera CCTV Camera
A somewhat broken CCTV camera, Unusable in its current form.
Radtown, airdrop or the helicopter wreckage.
Targeting Computer Targeting Computer
A computer loaded with software that can analyze a video and produce rotational deltas to individual objects contained in the feed.
Radtown, airdrop or the helicopter wreckage.
Water.png Water
Water. Drinking it will alleviate your thirst.
Salt Water.png Salt Water
Can't Drink This.
Paper Paper
WoodTransparent item.png
Empty Tuna Can Empty Tuna Can
An empty Can of Tuna. Can be smelted into Metal Fragments.
Can of TunaTransparent item.png
Empty Can Of Beans Empty Can Of Beans
An empty Can of Beans. Because someone has already eaten them. Can be smelted into Metal Fragments.
Can of BeansTransparent item.png

Resources from events

Coal Coal
of the Crappy Holidays!!
Note: it is an event item. Could be acquaired during the Christmas of 2016.

Resources removed from the game

Attention, folks! This section contains content that has been deleted or temporarily removed from the game. You cannot find these items in the latest version of the game.

Battery - Small Battery - Small
A small accumulator, around normal size.
Research Paper Research Paper
Use this item in a Research Bench to create blueprints of items.
Bear Skull Bear Skull
A bear skull.
Deer Skull Deer Skull
A deer skull.
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