Weapon Mods

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Almost any weapon in the game can be improved, giving it a better felicity or drowning out the sound of the shots. There are little weapons mods in Rust at the moment. Modifiers can be removed and rearranged to another weapon at any time.

Name Craft
Holosight.png Holosight
Uses laser projection to create a holographic sight which is always pointing at the target regardless of view angle.
High Quality MetalTransparent item.png
Silencer.png Silencer
Significantly reduces the sound of gunfire, and completely removes any visible muzzle flash.
High Quality MetalTransparent item.png
Weapon Flashlight.png Weapon Flashlight
Weapon flashlight.
High Quality MetalTransparent item.png
Weapon Lasersight.png Weapon Lasersight
Weapon Lasersight.
High Quality MetalTransparent item.png
4x Zoom Scope.png 4x Zoom Scope
A small 4x zoom scope.
High Quality MetalTransparent item.png
Muzzle Brake.png Muzzle Brake
Lowers recoil felt by the operator but can make bullet path more unpredictable.
High Quality MetalTransparent item.png
Muzzle Boost.png Muzzle Boost
Increases weapon fire rate by channeling gasses back into the weapon cycling it faster, at the cost of bullet velocity and accuracy.
High Quality MetalTransparent item.png

Update Log

  • [05/31/2016] The cost of creating laser sight was reduced from 15 to 8 units of high-quality metal.
  • [05/31/2016] The cost of creating weapon flashlight was reduced from 10 to 3 units of high-quality metal.
  • [05/31/2016] The cost of creating silencer was reduced from 20 to 12 units of high-quality metal.
  • [31.05.2016] Muzzle brake was introduced in the game.
  • [31.05.2016] Muzzle boost was introduced in the game.
  • [28.01.2016] 4x zoom scope was introduced in the game.
  • [01/20/2016] The cost of creating a holographic sight and silencer was reduced to 20 units of high-quality metal.
  • [01/20/2016] Modules for 2 weapons appeared on the test server: Laser Sight and Flashlight.
  • [10.09.2015] Holographic Sight was introduced in the game.
  • [10.09.2015] Silencer was introduced in the game.
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