Eoka Pistol

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Eoka Pistol is a homemade single-shot pistol. It does not have a reliable trigger mechanism. Instead, the gun is activated by a spark from a stone that strikes the top of the weapon. Due to the unreliability of this method, the player will have to press the left mouse button until the gun won`t fire. Usually, there is one shot for 3 hits.

Usually, a homemade gun is considered to be the worst weapon in Rust. The unreliability of the trigger is the reason of it. Hunting Bow surpasses the gun in almost any situation. Nevertheless, its destructive power at a short distance is the highest in the game. This gun can kill a light-armored player with a single shot.

The damage of the Eoka Pistol:
Damage (Head) - 94
Damage (Chest) - 100
Damage (Arms) - 19
Damage (Legs) - 31


Eoka uses all types of 12mm ammo.

How crafted homemade gun (Recipe)

Player knows recipe from the very beginning.

Eoka Pistol.png
Eoka Pistol.png Eoka Pistol
Wood.png 150 Wood
No tools are required
Requires Workbench
Requires FurnaceLarge Furnace

To create a home-made gun, you will need 150 Wood and 35 metal fragments. The required number of fragments can be obtained by processing 35 units metal ore in the furnace or Large Furnace. Creation time takes 1 minute.



  • Homemade gun is the most powerful gun in the game.
  • This gun has a real prototype.
  • The name of EOKA inherited from the organization that created the gun in 1950.

EOKA, Ethniki Organozis Kiprion Agoniston (Greek Εθνική Οργάνωσις Κυπρίων Αγωνιστών -. «National Organization of the liberation of Cyprus") - an underground organization of the Greek Cypriots, founded in the mid-1950s, which aimed to drive out the British and annex Cyprus to Greece. In real life, the weapon was made of carved wood handles

Weapons crafting calculator

Go to the weapons crafting calculator.

Список изменений (Update Log)

  • [20.01.2016] Теперь самодельный пистолет можно заряжать не только самодельным патроном, но и остальными типами 12мм боеприпасов.
  • [20.01.2016] Время создания было уменьшено с двух минут до одной.
  • [20.01.2016] Был изменён рецепт. По старому рецепту требовалось 200 дерева и 50 фрагментов металла. В новом рецепт 150 дерева и 35 фрагментов металла.
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