Handmade Shell

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Handmade Shell is an ineffective ammunition with a small amount of the pellet. Due to the fraction doesn`t have a large area of effect. Effective at close quarters and almost useless at long distances. This cartridge is used in the homemade and pump shotgun, homemade gun, etc. Its popularity among beginners due to the fact that this type of ammunition does not require a study of recipe and relatively cheap in the creation. Gets stacked in the 64 number of cartridges.

How to craft a homemade cartridge (Recipe)

The basic knowledge doesn`t have the recipe for the handmade shell. It needs to be explored. It is possible to make reaching the 12 level. The cost of the study is 5 XP.

Handmade Shell.png
Handmade Shell.png 2x Handmade Shell
Stones.png 5 Stones
Sulfur.png 10 Sulfur
Wood.png 10.5 Wood
No tools are required
Requires Workbench
Requires FurnaceLarge Furnace

The ammo, which is the easiest to craft. Before its creation it is necessary to obtain 10.5 Wood and 10 sulfur ore. All this must be placed in the Furnace or Large Furnace. The result should be 15 units of charcoal and 10 sulfur. From these resources you should make 5 units if gunpowder. Adding to the gunpowder 5 units of stones, you can make a handmade shell. During the 8.0 seconds you get 2 points of this ammunition.

All 12mm

Crafting ammo calculator

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