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Hatchet is a very effective tool for resources extraction, as well as a decent melee weapon. Scale "hunger" is growing with each sweep of the hatchet. The hatchet can be found in redtowns or created yourself.


As a tool

Hatchet can extract resources. It has an advantage over pickaxe in the extraction of resources from the animals. The resources are extracted much faster than with the stone hatchet. Axe is the second in the resource extraction rate after the pick axe.

As a weapon

Also, the hatchet can be used as a weapon. The downside is a short distance attack. If you will be attacked with firearms, you will have to approach the enemy in a "zigzags" way - so it will be harder for the shooter to target you.

Starting with the version 687.80, you can throw a hatchet and it gets the properties of projectile weapons ( see "Damage types"). You can pick up a hatchet after the throw.

As the raiding tool

An axe has the following damage to buildings:
Twig constructions - 5
Wooden constructions - 3.2
Stone constructions - 0.5
Metal constructions - 0.25
Armored constructions - 0.25

How to make a hatchet (Recipe)

Recipe of a hatchet is initially unknown, but it can be studied, by reaching level 11. The cost of studying is 5 XP.

Hatchet.png Hatchet
Wood.png 100 Wood
No tools are required
Requires Workbench
Requires FurnaceLarge Furnace

In order to create a hatchet you'll need 100 wood and 75 metal fragments (75 metal ore). The process of creation takes seconds.

Crafting tools calculator

Go to the crafting tools calculator.

Interesting fact

A hatchet was given to the player with the spawn in the earlier versions of Rust.

Update Log

  • [07/07/2016] The creation time of a hatchet has changed. It was 60 seconds, now it is 30.
  • [30/10/2015] [687.80] A hatchet can be thrown.
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