Pick Axe

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Pick Axe is the most popular tool for gathering resources. The resources are extracted much faster with the pick axe than with the hatchet. An exception is the collection of resources from the dead animals, where the hatchet is better than the pick axe.

Pick Axe

Pick axe as a tool

The main purpose of pick axes is an tool for extracting stones, metal ore, sulfur ore and metal ore of high quality from the ore deposits. In this regard, it is much more effective than rock or any of the hatchet, as well as the stone pick axe.

Pick Axe as a weapon

As a melee weapon

Kirk is a powerful melee weapon - a naked player is killed with two strikes. Kirk does more damage than the hatchet, but the strikes are slower.

How to make a pick axe (Recipe)

The recipe of the pick axe is unknown by the player in the beginning. The possibility of its research is available at level 11. The cost of study is 7 XP.

Pick Axe.png
Pick Axe.png Pick Axe
Wood.png 100 Wood
Metal Ore.png
Metal Ore.png 125 Metal Ore
No tools are required
Requires Workbench
Requires FurnaceLarge Furnace

To create a pick axe, you will need 100 wood and 125 metal fragments (125 metal ore). The process of creating a pickaxe takes seconds.

Crafting tools calculator

Go to the crafting tools calculator.

Update Log

  • [07.07.2016] The process of creation a Pick Axe was reduced from 2 minutes to 1.
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