Snap Trap

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Snap Trap is a technical device for catching prey. A trap is usually used to protect some possessions. It is best to put it in the grass - so it is more difficult to notice. Trap damages for (70), sometimes causing critical damage in the form of Bleeding. Trap triggeres about 8 times then breaks and disappears. It is has tool cupboard effect, it means, you will not be able to pick it up on the uncontrollable territory. Each time, after the trap has worked, it is necessary to re-start it.

Snap Trap

How to make a trap (Recipe)

Recipe of a trap is not in the core set of knowledge of the player, so it is necessary to study it in order to craft one. You can find the recipe in the blueprint page or to study at Research table.

Snap Trap.png
Snap Trap.png Snap Trap
No tools are required
Requires Workbench
Requires FurnaceLarge Furnace

In order to make a trap, you need to get 80 metal ore. Then you can get out of it 80 metal fragments. It can be done, remelting ore in the furnace or large furnace.


Defense of your possessions is the best usage for traps. It is recommended to hide it in the bushes or grass.

How to disarm a trap

In order to neutralize the trap, it is necessary to shoot it, and then it can be destroyed by simply hitting it with the hatchet or other tools.

Update Log

  • [01/14/2015] A bear trap was added (available).
  • [01/14/2015] Replaced a trap type of damage to the "Multi-Type".
  • [04/09/2014] The animations of opening\closing a bear trap are ready.


  • [03/25/2014] In-game screenshots of trap were added.
  • [03/25/2014] The teeth are enlarged and curved inward.


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