Stone Spear

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Stone Spear is a big stick with a straight tip. It is a melee weapon. Unlike the majority of the melee weapons, it has a good range of attack. This weapon can be obtained by improving the wooden spear. Stone version of the spear is much more solid than the wood one and do more damage. Spear has a chance to leave an effect of the bleeding to the opponent. You can throw a spear, by pressing the right mouse button, and the damage will be higher than usual. Spear is stuck in the place where it happens to fall, even in players, and animals. It can be picked up by pressing the "E" key. There is a small percentage of probability, that the spear will break when thrown, then picking up will be no longer available.

How to create a stone spear (Recipe)

Stone spear is not in the basic knowledge of the player. The recipe can be found spear by exploring the blueprint fragments or studying an already found spear at the research table.

Stone Spear.png
Stone Spear.png Stone Spear
No tools are required
Requires Workbench
Requires FurnaceLarge Furnace

To create a stone spear, you will need just wood, pieces of cloth and rock. The creation process takes 90 seconds.

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