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Cloth is one of the most important resources. It can be used to make various components or armor. Cloth is used in sewing clothes, medicine, creation of low-grade fuel, and some weapon types (i.e. a flamethrower). It is also often required when creating components, for example a sewing kit.

How to get Cloth

Fabric can be obtained from hemp bushes. This is an especially helpful piece of advice if you are just starting to play. You can obtain 10 fabric from the bush.

A hemp bush
hemp bush

Cloth can be obtained from dead animals. In this regard, hunting bears is the most profitable option. The most effective tools for obtaining cloth are a hatchet and a bone knife. Thus, you can get up to 50 units of Cloth from a bear, 35 - from a wolf etc. A detailed table of values extracted from the different items/enemies can be found in the article "The cloth extraction table".

Recycling of unwanted items into leather

By using a Recycler, you can get a certain amount of cloth. In the article "A table of items recycled into cloth" you will find the coefficients.

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