Auto Turret

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Auto Turret is an automatic combat turret that serves you as the protectpr of the base from the other players and the so-called "offline raidership"[1].


The turret can fire all types of 5.56mm ammo.

How to make automatic turret (Recipe)

Recipe turret unknown to the player in the beginning of his path. It is created from the unique items that can be found on the map or in the downed helicopter.

So, you will need 1 CCTV camera, 1 targeting computer, 1 assault rifle and 50 pieces of high quality metal to create a turret. The process of creating the turret takes 120 seconds.

How does auto turret works

Turret Info

Angle of the turret camera is 180°.
Attack range: 30-40 meters
. The turret is vulnerable to all types of damage.
The turret must be recharged with ammunition, otherwise it will not work.


Sentry does not assume direct control of the fire, but it has features that can be useful for the player. Approaching the turret and holding the key "E" you open the context menu with the following items:

  • Open - opens a turret inventory screen. It consist of the ammunition.
  • Enable/Disable - switch on or off the turret. Typically used to pass through the turret and let your friend authorize in it.
  • Authorize/Deauthorize - works on the same principle as the wardrobe with tools. The player puts himself in the "white list" of the turret and when it is detected will not open fire at him.
  • Clear Authorized List - clears the list of authorized players, including the owner. The tower will start shooting any player within attack range.

Pros and Cons of Automatic turret

We can mention a few turrets` big pluses:

  • Turret automatically detects and processes the target without the intervention of the player.
  • Turret is a staunch defender of the base, especially when the player is not online, and for the property that no one watches for.
  • Turret will fight in any weather conditions, time of a day and the level of light.
  • Turrets at the moment do not require an external power source or fuel (promised to fix in a few months).

But if there are advantages, there must be downsides. To those include the following:

  • The turret has a short distance of attack - from 30 to 40 meters. It creates a problem if you put it in an open area.
  • Radius review of a turret is 180 °, so it will not be able to detect and shoot the enemy behind him. If the enemy was able to sneak up behind it, he can disable the turret, to steal ammunition, login or simply destroy it.
  • The turret has 750 hp, but it is very susceptible to all types of damage. For example, one hit with a hatchet does 20 damage. One blast from the rocket can destroy the turret instantly.


Update Log

  • [22.10.2015] The turret was added to the game.
  • [08.10.2015] The video of the turret was shown.
  • raiding Offline (Offline Raiders) - burglary, and robbing the players who are not in the game at the moment.
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