High Quality Metal Ore

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High Quality Metal Ore — is the rarest type of ore for mining. High quality metal can be made of high quality metal ore using a furnace or a large furnace. 1 units of ore is enough to produce 1 unit of high quality metal.

How to get high-quality metal ore

High quality metal ore deposits

High-quality metal ore can be mined together with metal ore from high-quality metal ore deposits, but in small amounts (only 2 units). In order to mine it, you will need a suitable tool, for example a salvaged icepick.

Stone Pick Axe.png Salvaged Icepick.png Pick Axe.png Jackhammer.png
Metal Ore Node 2 2 2 2

Mining quarry

The most efficient way to produce high-quality metal ore is by using a mining quarry. In about an hour, you can mine about 90 units of ore that will cost you 360 pcs. of low grade fuel. To search for a high-quality deposits, use a survey charge. You will be able to find rich deposits of high-quality metal ore in mountainous areas.

Update Log

  • [23.07.2015] High Quality Metal Ore (High Quality Metal Ore) was added to the game.
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