Low Grade Fuel

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Low Grade Fuel is an important resource that has a wide range of applications. Most often widely used to create Ammo, lightning fixtures, and weapons.

It is often used to create rockets and explosives. Used as fuel for work of various devices etc. With the introduction of a flame thrower was used as fuel for it.


Fuel in ammunition

Low quality fuel is required to create incendiary ammunition and some types of missiles. Also, fuel is needed for a flamethrower, a chainsaw, and a flamethrower.

As fuel

Without fuel, none of the lighting fixtures will work, like a ceiling lamp or a miner's hat.

Consume Units per hour
Ceiling Light.png Ceiling Light 6
Lantern.png Lantern 6
Tuna Can Lamp.png Tuna Can Lamp 6
Candle Hat.png Candle Hat 60
Miners Hat.png Miners Hat 60
Search Light.png Search Light 180

As an ingredient for crafting

Fuel is used in a large list of recipes. The most popular fields are lighting and ammunition. Crafting Medicine and furnaces may require some fuel.

How to get low quality fuel

Fuel is often found in boxes:

Quantity Chance
Oil Barrel 5–9 100%
Mine Crate 2–5 31%
Minecart 2–5 31%
Scarecrow 1–39 9%
Supply Drop 35–105 9%
Elite Tier Crate 35 2%
Tool Crate 20–39 1%
Sunken Crate 20–39 1%

Obtaining fuel with the help of refinery

Use a small refinery to process Crude Oil. Please note that a small refinery needs to be refilled (you will need some wood for that). 1 can of crude oil plus approximately 7 units of wood, will give you 3 units of fuel.

Craft of low grade fuel =

Crafting workbench is not required here. 4 fuel cans are created from 3 of Animal Fat and 1 cloth. The entire process will take 5 seconds.

No tools are required
Requires Workbench
Requires FurnaceLarge Furnace

Recycling items into low grade fuel

Recycling unnecessary items is conducted in a Recycler. A detailed table that describes everything regarding recycling can be found in the article "The table of processing items into low grade fuel".

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  • [14.04.2016] Used as fuel for a Flame Thrower.
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