Medical Syringe

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Medical Syringe a medication that restores 35 health units, 15 of them are restored immediately and the rest in a period of time. Medical syringes are good for emergency rehabilitation of health, for example, in combat conditions. The use of a medical syringe does not eliminate the effect of Bleeding. The syringe can be used on other players.

How to make a medical syringe (Recipe)

To create a syringe, it is necessary to know the recipe. It can be found in barrels, boxes or crates. It is also possible to study it with the help of Blueprint Fragment.

Medical Syringe.png
Medical Syringe.png Medical Syringe
Cloth.png 15 Cloth
Cloth.png 2.5 Cloth
No tools are required
Requires Workbench
Requires FurnaceLarge Furnace

The following steps should be performed for the creation of a medical syringe:

  1. Get 17.5 cloth.
  2. Get 7.5 animal fat.
  3. Get and process in furnace or Large Furnace 10 metal ore to get 10 metal fragments.
  4. From 2.5 cloth and 7.5 animal fat, it is necessary to create 10 low-quality fuel.
  5. Make a medical syringe from 10 metal fragments, 10 animal fat and 15 cloth.

The process of creation of the syringe takes 30 seconds.


Update Log

  • [04/08/2016] Increased the amount of hp being healed from 25 to 35 units, but only 15 hp are restored momentarily, the remaining 20 are left during some period of time.
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