Wolf Skull

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Wolf Skull by killing and skinning a wolf, it is likely that you get its skull. It is an important ingredient for creating a wolf`s hat.

Wolf Headdress

How to get a Wolf skull

A wolf skull can be acquired by killing and skinning its body, and the chance that the skull drops depends on the tool you are using. It is better to use a hatchet in this case.

Hatchet.png Bone Knife.png Butcher Knife.png Sickle.png Mace.png Machete.png Salvaged Sword.png Salvaged Cleaver.png Longsword.png
Newman 1 1 1 1 83% 83% 83% 83% 83%
Salvaged Axe.png Chainsaw.png Salvaged Icepick.png Jackhammer.png Stone Pickaxe.png Stone Hatchet.png Bone Club.png Rock.png Pick Axe.png Salvaged Hammer.png
Newman 71% 71% 71% 71% 66% 59% 50% 50% 45% 45%

In addition, after destroying the skull, you will receive 20 bone fragments.

Recycling unwanted items into a wolf skull

Wolf Headdress can be placed in a Recycler to get 1 wolf skull.

3D model

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