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Flame Thrower is a weapon that uses ammunition as low-quality fuel. Inflicts Fire-type damage and can set target on fire. Although flamethrower refers to ranged Weapons, the range and power of its attack are very limited. An effective attack range is 3 meters. The cylinder capacity (the "clip") is 50 units. One bottle is enough for about 10 seconds of continuous irrigation with fire.

How to craft a flamethrower (Recipe)

To create a flame thrower it is necessary to know the recipe. It can be obtained at level 20 for 17 XP points.

No tools are required
Requires Workbench
Requires FurnaceLarge Furnace

Perform the following steps to create a flame thrower:

  1. Get 8 units of high-grade ore and 250 units of metal ore.
  2. Remelt all extracted ore in furnace or large furnace. The output should be 8 high quality metal and 250 metal fragments.
  3. Create 100 units of low-grade fuel of 75 animal fat and 25 fabric.
  4. Create a flamethrower.

The process of creating a flame thrower takes 120 seconds.

3D model

In-game 3D model of the flamethrower in Rust. 


Update Log

  • [14.04.2016] Flamethrower is added to the game.
  • [21.01.2016] [DevBlog 93] The 3D model of flamethrower is published.
  • [17.09.2015] [DevBlog 75] The concept art of the flamethrower was published.
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