Incendiary Rocket

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Incendiary Rocket is an incendiary munition, can be loaded in the rocket launcher. Unlike usual and high velovity one, the incendiary missile does not cause instant damage, however, it can most likely ignite the building. It is the most risky for the building and objects created from wood. Fire will spread for 60 seconds and then turns off, but it's enough to burn, for example, wooden fence with one rocket.

The table for demonstarting how many missiles do you need to destroy objects

Explosion.png Twig Tier.png Wood Tier.png Stone Tier.png Sheet Metal Tier.png Armored Tier.png Wooden Door.png Sheet Metal Door.png Armored Door.png High External Wooden Wall.png High External Stone Wall.png
Incendiary Rocket.png 1[1] 1[1] 6 -/- -/- 1[1] 2 -/- 1[1] 7

How to make a rocket (Recipe)

The study of the rocket is available at 36 level. The cost of the study is 111 XP.

No tools are required
Requires Workbench
Requires FurnaceLarge Furnace

follow these steps to create a rocket:

  1. Get source resources from which the rocket is:
  2. * 90 metal ore.
  3. * 63.25 cloth.
  4. * 189.75 animal fat.
  5. Sulfuric ore and metal ore, as well as the tree, are to be processed in the furnace or large furnace. The result should be:
  6. * 900 charcoal.
  7. As long as the ore is melted in the furnace, it is possible to make 253 units of low-grade fuel from the available fabric and animal fat .
  8. Next you need to create a 300 units of gunpowder of 600 and sulfur 900 coal.
  9. Of the remaining sulfur (10 units), 10 metal fragments, 50 powder and 3 fuel create 1 explosive.
  10. Check all necessary resources: 80 metal fragments, 250 gunpowder, 250 fuel 1 explosives.
  11. Make a rocket.

The process of making the rocket itself takes 10 seconds.

All rocket types

3D model

Crafting ammo calculator

Go to the crafting ammo calculator.

  1. 1,0 1,1 1,2 1,3 После одного попадания есть большая вероятность поджечь цель, в результате чего объект будет уничтожен.
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