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Explosives is the main ingredient for the creation of C4 and explosive rounds. For example, such missiles as incendiary, high-velocity and common ones. It is also a very important ingredient for creating Timed Explosive Charge.

Research (Recipe)

In order to craft explosives yourself, you must study their recipe. You will need a research table, 1 explosive, 750 units of scrap metal and a level 3 workbench.

How to make Explosives

You can find explosives in containers.

Name Quantity Chance
Hackable Crate 1–4 12 %
Elite Tier Crate 1–2 2 %
APC Crate 1–2 2 %
Military Tunnel Scientist 1 1 %
Helicopter Crate 1 0.5 %

How to craft explosives

First you need to learn the recipe for explosives.

No tools are required
Requires Workbench
Requires FurnaceLarge Furnace

For the creation of explosive you initially need about 105 Wood, about 10 metal ore, 110 sulfur ore, 0.75 cloth and 2.25 fat. Let's put raw material in the Furnace or Large Furnace. The output for this should be 10 metal fragments and 110 sulfur. There will be enough coal after processing the ore, but only 150 units are needed. From 100 sulfur and charcoal we obtain 50 gun powder. We create 3 log grade fuel. From the metal fragments, remaining sulfur (10 pcs) powder and fuel you will obtain 1 unit of explosives.

Recycling of excess items into explosives

With the help of a recycler, you can get some explosives from unnecessary ammunition.

Name Category Quantity Failure chance
Timed Explosive Charge.png Timed Explosive Charge Tools 10 -
Rocket.png Rocket Ammo 5 -
Incendiary Rocket.png Incendiary Rocket Ammo 1 50 %
High Velocity Rocket.png High Velocity Rocket Ammo 1 -
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