Tech Trash (Tech Trash)

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Tech Trash (Tech Trash) is a very rare and important component, also known as "technical trash". Chips are required when creating timed explosive charge. Tech trash is also required when crafting weapon modifiers, such as a lasersight and holosight.

How to get Tech Trash

This type of trash is impossible to craft!


TT can be found in containers:

Container Quantity Chance
Hackable Crate 2–14 45%
Elite Tier Crate 2–9 28%
APC Crate 10–22 23%
Military Crate 2–3 17%
Military Tunnel Scientist 1 3%
Roaming Scientist 1 1%

Recycling items into tech trash

The second way to get Tech Trash is to “recycle” items in a recycler.

Item Quantity Failure chance
"Targeting Computer" Targeting Computer 3 -
"CCTV Camera" CCTV Camera 2 -
"Timed Explosive Charge" Timed Explosive Charge 1 -
"Holosight" Holosight 1 50%
"Weapon Lasersight" Weapon Lasersight 1 50%

The third way

The third one is based on the processing table. If there is a large amount of scrap metal in your inventory, you can purchase automatic turret in your outpost (worth 750 scrap). After reworking it, with a 50% chance, you can get a video surveillance camera and a targeting computer. Afterwards, you can easily process it into some tech trash. Thus, you can get 5 units of microcircuits for 750 units of scrap metal, but with a 50% chance.

Tech Trash Recycling

If you place the chips in a recycler, you can get 20 units of scrap and 1 bullion of high quality metal. This is not the best way to use tech trash, for sure.

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