Timed Explosive Charge (C4)

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Timed Explosive Charge is a bomb with a timer. Mainly used for raiding bases. In use, it may be attached to a vertical surface. After securing on the object, firecracker automatically activates and explodes with a pause of 10 seconds. After the detonation causes some significant damage to the object, on which it was installed, and to everything that stays in the area of damage of it. Including players. The player, who turned out in close proximity to the bomb will be killed instantly. Due to its characteristics, the C4 is much more effective than the rockets, although in some situations the rocket is still preferable.

Table, showing the amount of C4 for destroying objects

Explosion.png Twig Tier.png Wood Tier.png Stone Tier.png Sheet Metal Tier.png Armored Tier.png Wooden Door.png Sheet Metal Door.png Armored Door.png High External Wooden Wall.png High External Stone Wall.png
Timed Explosive Charge.png 1 1 2 2 3 1 1 2 2 3

How to craft explosives with a timer (Recipe)

To create explosives with a timer it is necessary to know the recipe. It can be obtained at level 25 for 34 XP points.

To create a C4 with a timer, follow these steps:

  1. Get main resources from which explosives could be made:
    • wood
    • Ошибка выражения: + не хватает операнда units of sulfur ore,
    • units metal ore,
    • Ошибка выражения: + не хватает операнда units of cloth,
  2. * And units of animal fat.
  3. Sulfur ore, metal ore and wood are to be processed in the furnace or large furnace. The result should be:
  4. * Ошибка выражения: + не хватает операнда units of sulfur,
  5. * metal fragments
  6. * And charcoal.
  7. Create low-grade fuel from the available cloth and animal fat.
  8. Create units of gunpowder from sulfur and charcoal.
  9. From the remaining sulfur ( units), metal fragments, animal fat, and gunpowder to create units of explosives.
  10. From the remaining cloth units and explosives create a C4 with a timer.

The process of creating explosives takes 30 seconds.

Crafting weapons calculator

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Update Log

[14.12.2014] There was a significant change to the recipe of Timed Explosive Charge (C4) . flare and leather in the recipe were replaced by Cloth, because the leather has been temporarily taken out of the game. In this case, the required amount of explosive has been increased from 15 to 25 pieces. By the way, the recipe of the explosive was also complicated;.

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