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Attention! This article talks about content that has been removed, or is temporarily removed from the game.
You won`t be able to find the object, phenomenon, or being in the latest version of the game.

The updated XP and level system was announced almost immediately after the introduction of the research system based on the blueprints. The reason for such kind of renovation served an obvious gap between the experienced players and newcomers. That's because drawings can be found in barrels, mainly in radtown. It is dangerous for weak players to be in such areas because of the constant stay of the stronger players who don`t simply allow the newbies to develop. In order to make the upgrading system more balanced, developers introduced this update.

The XP and levels System

The new system of experience consists of two important elements: level and XP.

Rust XP s1.jpg


Level - each object has its own level, from which the player can study it. Item level corresponds to the level of the player.


XP - actually is the experience points itself. The player receives XP for the activity in the game, such as the production of resources, crafting, building houses or murder. The player will get experience for the use of his property by other players, but not more than 6 XP from one player. It must be remembered that the "transfer" of experience working at a certain distance. After earning a certain amount of XP, the player gains a level. Accumulated XP points are spent on studying the subjects.

For more information about the ownership and distribution of experience based on it read here.

The Research Panel


Research Panel is opened by pressing the "Q" key. Objects in the panel are divided into categories in the left column (1). At the bottom of this list, you can find the section "Locked". There is a list of items you have not studied yet. In the main window, you can find a block that displays objects studied and available to be created (Available) (2). Subjects, that weren`t studied, but available for research are slightly lower (Locked) (3). Lower - not available for the study due to the low level of the player (Upcoming) (4).

There is an icon near the unexplored subjects, which displays the information about what level do you need to gain for studying it or the amount of XP points.

There is also a function "Search", made for more convenient search of the desired object in the panel, (5).

Once you have completed all the requirements for the study of a particular object, select it and click the blue button (6), after which the item will be available to create.

Console commands for the administrators

A full list of commands can be found in the article "Console commands".

Command Description
data.export Exports the data about the experience.
xp.add [Value] [Player Name / Steam ID] Adds a certain amount of XP to the selected player.
Note: If you do not enter the name of the player, the command will be applied to you.
xp.reset [Player Name / Steam ID] Resets players level to 1.
Note: If you do not enter the name of the player, the command will be applied to you.
xp.setlevel [Value] [Player Name / Steam ID] Sets a certain level of the selected player.
Note: If you do not enter the name of the player, the command will be applied to you.
xp.addlevel [Value] [Player Name / Steam ID] Adds the selected player a certain number of levels.
Note: If you do not enter the name of the player, the command will be applied to you.
xp.history [Player Name / Steam ID] Shows the Player`s XP history.
Note: If you do not enter the name of the player, the command will be applied to you.
randomowner Changes item's owner to a random one.
Note: The item must be in the first inventory slot (upper left corner).

The list of investigated items

There is a list of all the studied items, which are divided by level, with an indication of the necessary amount of XP points for their research.

Level 3

Bota Bag.png
2 XP

Level 7

Door Key.png
3 XP
Hide Vest.png
5 XP
Hide Pants.png
5 XP

Level 16

8 XP
10 XP
Miners Hat.png
10 XP
12 XP

Level 17

11 XP
Large Medkit.png
11 XP
Riot Helmet.png
13 XP
Land Mine.png
13 XP

Level 20

Hazmat Boots.png
14 XP
F1 Grenade.png
18 XP

Level 24

54 XP

Level 25

Level 26

59 XP

Level 27

Custom SMG.png
41 XP
Muzzle Boost.png
41 XP

Level 30

49 XP

Level 31

Level 32

Level 34

Level 36

Update Log

  • [07/13/2016] Reducing the radius of experience gain. It means that now you won`t get the experience of other players who are on a certain distance. In other words, staying AFK and waiting for the power leveling has no meaning.
  • [07/13/2016] The diminishing effect of is added: the more someone produces the experience for you, the less you get it.
  • [07/13/2016] It will no longer be possible to gain experience through the use of resources, the experience will come after the first few crafts of the items instead.
  • [07/13/2016] A limit to the experience of a single player is set: it is no more than 6 XP.
  • [07/07/2016] The experience system has been added to the game.
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